Learn How to Make Money and Manage Risk with Our Swing Trade and Momentum Investing Ideas

Save Time and Make Money with Our Momentum Investing Approach

Find the next Apple, Amazon and Tesla with the SL50 List

Every single week, the SL50 list highlights 50 of the current market leaders – high-growth stocks with powerful technical setups that are close to breaking out; stocks that can generate 20%, 50%, even 100% returns in a 2-24-week period. The SL50 list is a powerful idea generation tool for long-term trend-followers, position traders, and short-term swing traders. Many of our members use the SL50 List as a starting point for their research, which saves them time and generates greater returns.

Become a Consistently Profitable Swing Trader

Swing Trading Is One of the Fastest Ways To Grow Capital.

Whether your goal is to become a full-time trader or you would like to make a reliable second income each month, we offer all the tools and education you need to become consistently profitable and develop your own swing trade approach. The purpose of swing trading is to capture hundreds of 5% to 30% short-term moves. Learn how to regularly find and profit from high-probability swing setups. We’ll help you learn how to decide with confidence when to keep riding them and when to get off to maximise your profits.

Follow Our Best Ideas

There are 2 major ways to use Market Wisdom

1) You can look for your own ideas on our SL50 list. The list features high-momentum market leaders that are close to breaking out.

2) You can follow our own swing trade and momentum investing ideas. Each idea comes with a trigger level, entry zone, stop, exit targets, position sizing, and a brief explanation why we like it. Everything is frictionless and easy to follow.

The goals of our swing trade and momentum investing ideas are:

a) To catch several hundred 5-40% short-term moves every year. Our typical holding period is one to six weeks.
b) To compound our capital quickly in favorable market environments.
c) To minimize our draw-down during unfavorable market conditions by keeping a large cash position and reducing risk per trade.

Every day after the market close, you will get a brief commentary on the state of the market in your inbox – it will include new ideas and an update on current positions.

Every weekend, you will get the latest SL50 list along with a highlight of the industries you should be focusing your attention on.

Our Mission & Objective

We believe that active portfolio management has its place in everyone’s portfolio. If you love stocks and markets; if you would like to learn how to consistently make money in the stock market, MARKET WISDOM is for you.

See how we helped others

Market Wisdom is a ideal for every level of trader. For beginners it provides a detailed trading plan for trade ideas. For more experienced traders it is a fantastic source of the highest probability trades and market overview. The best site I have come across for traders of all stripes.

Fran Abdou - Raleigh, NC

I’m a relatively conservative ETF investor who has done well following Market Wisdom’s consistent, effective guidance. The methodology produces profits – more winners than losers in both number and size.

John Kuta - San Francisco, CA

Market Wisdom is one of my favorite sources for watching market strength and generating new ideas. I have used it every trading day for years, so I know its a useful tool for experienced traders. In addition, I have recommended Market Wisdom to several new traders because I realize it is a great place to learn.

Ned Graham - Minneapolis, MN

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