Catching Up On Portfolio and Buying WORK and SLV (a Trade)

This will be a bit longer post as there is a lot to go over.

The markets seem to be resolving higher.

I won’t spend too much time worrying about why …it just is happening. The safety trade sold off today which is a good sign for risk on as well. Gold and Silver and Bonds were hit.

What I did do at the close today is buy some Silver. The ticker is $SLV. If we are entering a commodity boom, I like the risk reward of Silver on a pullback here and a trade to the low 20’s. I would stop below $15 and keep you in the loop as it goes.

I also added Slack today into the abyss. I think $WORK is one of the most loved enterprise products of this era and while massively overvalued on any price metric, did well today by reversing strong after a miserable open at all-time lows. You can buy as low as $28 and do not chase above $31. My stop is below the lows of this morning ($26). I think it could slowly make it’s way back to the high 30’s so the risk reward is in my wheelhouse.

The complete list of stocks in my portfolio is here.

I love that Wework’s IPO price has quickly been slashed by more than half to $20 billion. That means retail investors will be LESS hosed and that is bullish for stocks. The froth came out without the public taking the hit.

I love that Apple and Semiconductors are the big winners today because that means big money is thinking China rhetoric may be calming. Too early to really make a big all clear sign.

My $TER idea is now back to breakeven and I like our chances on this working out and may add to the position on a breakout to all-time highs. They were the strongest semiconductor stock before the tariff rhetoric got crazy the last month.

Twitter finally broke to yearly highs. I think the stock will now trend higher for a while. My stop remains under $40.

Bitcoin is just marking time and I just dia long podcast with Farbood from Coinmine which I will . share here next week when it’s ready. He’s one of my go to people on the sector and he remains bullish based on Hashrate and transaction metrics.

$PAGS never really flinched in the selloff the past month and is now up 60 percent since we added it. Along qwith $ROKU, $SHOP and $LULU, PAGS is one of the best stocks of the year. I really really really missed ROKU and that is a big bummer. We have nailed 3 of the 4 big stocks of the year though so I feel my strategy and this service is doing it’s job.

$LULU is spiking to all time highs. I won’t bore you with all the metrics. They are great. The stock is really expensive but that’s what high growth stocks trade for.

My loser idea right now is $CHGG and i feel it is now a decision to take up the position size into this selloff or retreat and take a small loss on this 1/3 position size. I am making some calls and doing some research tonight to see if this is just a healthy pullback in an uptrend. They are NO DOUBT the category leader in textbooks and monthly recurring revenue in the college publishing world. That is why I own the stock.

The other mess is $ETSY. I recommended the stock in the 30’s and still own a large position as it has tumbled from $70 to $50. I would normally be adding here but have instead added some new names. I don’t see why the panic exists as the business is not reeling from looking at the last quarter. The stock was not cheap and the growth just slowed enough to spook momentum investors. Below $45 I would likely get stopped out of the remainder of my long-term position. If the market firms for a month or two I expect $ETSY to regain some mojo.

Hit me up if you have questions as always.