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  • Swing Trade Ideas
  • Momentum Investing Ideas
  • The SL50 List of Leading Stocks
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Great market insights. Swing trade ideas and the model portfolio provide a strong foundation for decision making with guidelines for entry and exits that still allow the individual to make the trade their own. An investment that easily pays for itself with market analysis that’s invaluable.

Melinda F. - New York, NY

Find the next Apple, Amazon and Tesla with the SL50 List

  • Save time and make money by fishing in a pond of potential winners.
  • Every single week, the SL50 list highlights 50 of the current market leaders – hot momentum stocks with strong price and earnings growth that have received favorable market reaction to their most recent earnings report.
  • The SL50 list is a powerful idea generation tool for both, position and swing traders. Many of our members use the SL50 List as a starting point for their research, which saves them time and help them generate greater returns.

Swing Trading Is One of the Fastest Ways To Grow Your Capital. Learn How.


  • Stocks move in short-term momentum bursts of 10% to 30% before they consolidate through time or reverse. The purpose of swing trading is to capture hundreds of those move in a year. Learn how to consistently find and profit from high probability swing setups. Learn when to sell and how to manage risk properly.
  • The single most powerful catalyst for swing trades is industry momentum. Learn how to identify the hottest industry of the week.
  • Timing your market exposure is a major part of proper risk management. Learn when to be aggressive and when to keep a large cash position.
  • Get daily swing trade ideas and practical trading education from a professional trader and the author of the best-selling book “The Five Secrets To Highly Profitable Swing Trading”.

Follow Our Momentum Investing Ideas

  • Too busy with work or family to monitor the markets every day? Our momentum investing ideas are exactly for you. Join us and learn how to pick stocks, manage risk, understand catalysts and define the proper position size for each new trade by watching us actually do it.
  • The best-performing stocks in any given year are usually the ones that surprise the most. Let us teach you how to find them and how to make money with them.
  • Learn how to use price momentum and relative strength to pick stocks.

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