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“Great market insights. Swing trade ideas and the model portfolio provide a strong foundation for decision making with guidelines for entry and exits that still allow the individual to make the trade their own. An investment that easily pays for itself with market analysis that’s invaluable.“
Melinda F. - New York, NY
I’m a relatively conservative ETF investor who has done well following Market Wisdom’s consistent, effective guidance. The methodology produces profits – more winners than losers in both number and size.
John Kuta - San Francisco, CA
Market Wisdom is one of my favorite sources for watching market strength and generating new ideas. I have used it every trading day for years, so I know its a useful tool for experienced traders. In addition, I have recommended Market Wisdom to several new traders because I realize it is a great place to learn.
Ned Graham - Minneapolis, MN
Market Wisdom is a ideal for every level of trader. For beginners it provides a detailed trading plan for trade ideas. For more experienced traders it is a fantastic source of the highest probability trades and market overview. The best site I have come across for traders of all stripes.
Fran Abdou - Raleigh, NC
A subscriber comment for Howard Lindzon's previous newsletter: "Never took the time to tell you how impressed I was with Peloton and really bummed that its ending as your newsletter has no comparison. The reason I never wanted to tell you how good the newsletter was because I was concerned that if I told you (along with all the other hundreds of subscribers) that Charles Street Research would be inclined to simply double the subscription price. As a value preposition, there is no equal in the paid for subscription universe of newsletters. Also, I figured, that telling you how good your recommendations were, would only lead to over confidence (I add this part to remind me in my own trading that over confidence is detrimental to success in the markets). Given that your newsletter is ending, it seems telling you these things, matters not… Peloton was hands down the most profitable newsletter, I have ever been a part of. Its such a shame its ending. For me, profitability of recommendations is paramount and as such Peloton was second to none. The only thing I would venture to say, since its matters not anyway, is that writing to subscribers daily is too much. I suspect you are well aware of how good your newsletter was but if for some reason you were not, I wanted to let you know..."
Z. Spengler -
Between $ZS and $AMRN , I’ve quadrupled my ROI in @MarketWisdom ... I appreciate the list @ivanhoff @howardlindzon . Well worth the money.
Stephen S. -
Don’t have the words to thank you both and tell you how much you have helped me. You ideas are paying for my daughters Vandy tuition - by following a few of your ideas. Thanks to both.
Jorge - Miami
Firstly many thanks to both of you, I just had my best month ever. You guys have also completely changed the way I look at the market and how I enter trades, for the better. I have no emotion now, it's all "just business" and I trade what's in front of me and don't worry about yesterday or tomorrow. I spend not even 1/4 on research that I used to have to, to make less, so I thank you guys for that as well as it allows me more time with the family in the evenings. In short, I'm 110% happy and I'd recommend your services to ANYone. Thanks again.
Lance -
Ivanhoff's daily and weekly commentaries are the best available in my opinion - I learn more about trading from them than anything else I have ever come across.
Bob -

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